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The TransGo Tech Library includes the industries most in-depth Valve Body layouts with spring dimensions, sprag rotation and general data for some of the earliest automatic transmissions as well as later 6-8 speeds you are working on now. Specific unit data such as electrical connector illustrations, pressure manifold tables, band adjustment and pressure testing is also included. Updates to site are done on a continual basis with new material added usually on a monthly or quarterly schedule.

The most impressive and most accessed pages of TransGo Tech Library is an extensive array of Tech Bulletins and Tech Notes produced from more than 60 plus years of working directly with mechanics and technicians in the automatic transmission industry.

Don't hesitate enroll today! We all know a problem vehicle can cost thousands of dollars while replacing uneccesary parts and spinning your wheels. Benefits of the TransGo Tech Library will far outweigh the cost we guarantee!

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Quick Tech Tips you need NOW

Ford 5R110W Pump destroyed latest information

If you have been plagued with this issue well you are not alone we are still getting phone calls on this even during the Covid virus pandemic
download the PDF below and read slowly with no interuptions

Download 5R110 PDF

Potential Engine Damage during Transmission removal and install
Many of today's automobile engines utilize complex valve and cam timing systems.

These timing systems are configured to turn/rotate in the direction of ENGINE RUNNING ROTATION ONLY! If you rotate the engine in the opposite direction of running rotation during the R & R process the cam/valve timing may jump.

Many of these engines are interference type engines, some are not. An interference type engine will allow the valves to hit the pistons if the cam/valve timing is off. If the engine is an interference type and the cam/valve timing has jumped from rotating the engine the wrong way you may hear a pop or snap when you attempt to start the engine. If so you may have just provided your customer with a FREE engine $!

Most engines run clockwise when viewed from the FRONT of the engine-crankshaft balancer/pulley. The same engine when viewed from the rear or flywheel end the rotation will be viewed as counter clockwise.

Vehicle Controllers damaged by improper jumping of dead battery!
Jumping Vehicles with Dead Batteries, be Aware!

We have recieved and verified reports of controller (Vehicle modules = BCM-VCM-PCM-ECM-TCM etc.) failure that is caused by improper jumping of battery. When hooking up another vehicle or battery box to jump a dead battery, always turn the key off in both vehicles. If the key is in the ON position it can damage controllers when the cables are hooked up. This occurs mostly with Asian vehicles such as Nissan and Toyota, but not limited to these.
Many of you may remember the Mitsubishi vehicles with KM 175 units, had this same complaint years ago.

The proper way to hook up is this: “Turn both vehicles OFF and put keys of both vehicles in your pocket”
#1 Hook POSITIVE jumper cable clamp to positive terminal on dead battery then hook other end of jumper cable (positive) to positive terminal of good battery.
#2 Hook NEGATIVE jumper cable clamp to negative terminal of good battery, then hook other end of jumper cable (negative) to something on the engine of the dead battery vehicle , a bracket etc., making sure it is not in the way of anything that is turning or next to any other wires. An area that is solid to the block. Start the vehicle with the good battery and or turn on battery box/charger. Run for 5 minutes before trying to start vehicle with dead battery.